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A hands-on approach to promote education in STEM


Technology is with us wherever we go and moves faster than most people’s ability to keep up. We are typically subjected to advertisements for products and services long before we understand exactly what emerging technologies are and how they work. This is simply the fast-evolving world in which we now live: the level of technology that is available relatively cheaply in homes right now is incredible, most of which was only available in billionaires’ mansions just 10 years ago. 





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Frequently Asked Questions

How will House of the Future operate as a venue?

The house’s tech features include AI, IoT and robotics, which will be marked interactive exhibits to showcase not only how such technologies can be utilised, but also an explanation of how they work. The tour will be hands-on, led by a guide through each room demonstrating the demos before allowing visitors to take turns. 

Beyond being used as an educational facility, House of the Future will have a full robotic kitchen plus a separate robotic bar, providing private groups with the opportunity to book lunch and dinner functions with a difference.

Who is it for?

House of the Future will be built for everyone’s benefit: people from all walks of life should be given the tools to understand emerging technologies before they have a profound impact on our lives. To this end, the aim of House of the Future is to educate the community – everyone from secondary school students to seniors coming to grips with a rapidly changing world. We aim to explain technology in terms all people can easily grasp, so visitors come away with an understanding of how these technologies operate, and their current and projected impact on society. House of the Future will make tech as accessible as possible, whilst inspiring the next generation of future thinkers.

I love the project. Am I able to take part?

Absolutely! We have various types of partnerships available, but we also like connecting with both people and organisations interested in emerging technologies. Either way, reach out to us for a chat – info@awaregroup.com. 

When are you building it?

Although most details are yet to be confirmed and we are still awaiting the green light to proceed, we hope to welcome our first groups through House of the Future by term 1 of the 2021 school year. 

Why is Aware Group building it?

A recent (OECD) report1 notes 40% percent of jobs created between 2005-2016 were in digitally intensive sectors. Young people need to be prepared to work and participate in tasks needing specific technological skills, knowledge, and capabilities. 

Age-related gaps in digital engagement also exist – for example, aged care facilities in New Zealand seldom provide wifi access for residents. 

Immersion and practical experience are the best ways to demonstrate how and why emerging technologies work. The educational aspect of House of the Future will be entirely non-profit, enabling students and people of all backgrounds the opportunity to attend. At its core, we are passionate about making the world a better, more educated place. 

Who is Aware Group?

Aware Group is a team of innovation specialists, working across all areas of emerging technology such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things, Big Data, Bots, Business Intelligence, and more. Aware Group provides businesses with the tools required to efficiently operate in a digital age, improving quality and quantity of information flow to improve real-world customer and client experiences. Aware Group is headquartered in Hamilton here in New Zealand, with global offices based in both Singapore and the USA. We have worked with a wide range of enterprise and government clients, including Microsoft, Fonterra and Singapore Airlines

For further info on who we are and what we do, please visit awaregroup.com.