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House of the Future will be a custom-built interactive venue, showcasing potential applications of emerging technologies within a residential environment. These interactive demos will provide learning and engagement opportunities for students and community groups, helping make our future world a better, more educated place.

But with a project of this size it does not come cheap, Emerging Technologies are hard to acquire or develop upon and  ensuring equal access to the facility across different social-economic groups isn’t cheap either.

We envision House of the Future to make a significant impact to all the people who visit the facility and want to enable to facility to focus on Education not money making which means we need to align closely with a few key sponsors:

Our funding target is: $2,000,000

We are targeting 50% of the funding to be raised through community grants or iwi funding, but that leaves 50% to be raised through corporates.

We see clear commercial advantage in providing sponsorship categories as such:

  • 1x Cloud Organisation
  • 1x Telecommunication
  • 1x Construction Organisation
  • 1x Real Estate Organisation
  • 1x Utilities

With a few key “Angel” sponsorship for individuals who believe in the project.